local action of other toxic agents, of which diphtheria and influenza are
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Tuberculosis in etiology of amyloid degeneration of
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before his class in the University of Pennsylvania in the year 1789,
of nests of cancer cells. The cases improved rapidly,
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Discharges. — A discharge from the ear, whatever its nature
and by washing off the dye with the copper sulfate solution as soon as it begins
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cal females. The preparation which I have generally used, is the
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all lateral constriction. Other advantages claimed for this tourni-
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it to be an appendicitic abscess, with an opening into the bowel, the sac
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electro-magnetic battery, the same qiiantity of cur-
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but always on a close examination you will find a rash present exactly
nature. This method endeavours to trace the past history of
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profuse sweating. Apis disagrees when used either before
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occur, and many observers have had cases in which they
4. That the tuberculin test should not be applied to any ani-
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Now, the enactments in LcA-iticus refer chiefly to questions of diagnosis