in a reduction of the price, and thus a more extended
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;io good results have followed the legal regulation of
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serums of dog, ox and pig were dried at 23 ° C. with the aid of
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mation is thereby established. It is not at all un-
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is the effect and not the cause of tetanic irritation, is also a very frequent result of
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testis lies, the tunica vaginalis. If, however, the
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Tctanism, Chorea, Senile Trembling and Paralysis Agitans,
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of limbs paralysed and atrophic ; Fig. 1 4 showing a secondary talipes, and
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in that city. The cases of adults which he had seen had
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progressive. An irregular, interrupted temperature is
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the French commission sent to Oporto to investigate the
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today's more exacting standards, the smaller leaves of H. perfoliatum
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fortunately, the impaction takes place. 1 wish to con-
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born after the mother has had small-pox and contracted
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SN-stem and the appearance of the first active sN^mptoms, ranges from ten day?
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affected. These views correspond closely with my own observation
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man ; Drs. \V. T. Alexander, Mark Blunienthal, C. C.
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occurred in a patient at the commencement of the secondary manifestations
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tions as applied to cardiac pathology are novel and striking. As to the
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vidual factors bearing heavily upon them and chang-
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hours later without operation. Our cases we have classified as follows:
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Never imagine that a patient who sleeps during the day
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The examination of the ribs should be made while the
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his occupation tended to perpetuate. He had seen the ups and downs of
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the liver, forming metastatic abscesses. In advanced cases the whole organ
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continued use of the acetate of lead is objectionable ; but the iodide of
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shows that eyes treated in lighted rooms escape much of
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set of points to a homologous set, minimizing the mean squared mismatch
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This year we were pleased to welcome James R. Gage, M.D., Medical Director of the Gillette Children’s
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lated mass, in the center of which the finger passes into a large, irregular cavity, extending
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diagnosis. The period of incubation is short in comparison with that of
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viscera, as the liver, spleen, or mesentery. It occurs also in extra-uterine
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what value is a government guarantee to men with whom
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evidence of diffuse infection or invasion, he will do the operation. If it turns
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The question of blood examination is of paramount impor-
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motion, hence appears as the anatomical expression of
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cure of Hernia in Infants. Exhibited by Mr H. J. Stiles . 292
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general and of Medical education. A new President and
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say, that the stomach, the intestines, the bladder, the uterus, &c.