and the abdomen closed. The operation occupied one hour and

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died. Semmelweiss' ideas of contagion were then not even recognized in Ger-

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operation the patient died with symptoms of general tuberculosis. At

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clothes, and muttering inarticulate sentences. The evacuations

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The luminous effects can be still further increased by the

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Report on Materia Medica and Therapentioi. By Robebt Hitntbb Sbmpli,

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anxious expression, temperature 104°. I gave 10 cc. antistrep-

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Agents applied directly to the inflamed mucous membrane are

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condensation of the tissues surrounding the vessel.

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retained partially at least by pads, trusses or some such appa-

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aid to the wounded. Dr. Daniels held the position of pension surgeon for several

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rence of both diseases at the same time must always be borne in

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all cases into three classes in this regard: (i) Those

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mence tossing and turning in bed, constantly complaining

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Gazz. d. osp., Milano, 1883, iv, 378; 380; 40.3.— Salzcr (F.)

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to the surface of the culture medium. About twenty cultures in all

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the sympathetic, may primarily induce only irritation.

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accept the innovations urged by sanitarians, and we may confidently

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the distribution of the neuralgia ; in erysipelas it abhors

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again. I simply state the above facts to you as they are. . .

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after cultivation in urine for several days, became somewhat less energetic

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connection of the observed facts, to regard them rather as coincident

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joint would often recover from the traumatism. He then

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after the symptoms of biliary colic, or of catarrhal infiamma-

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The theory of uremia has at present but few support-

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blue and cold, there is marked constipation, and often a large

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urged the thorough policing of the whole water-shed. He re-

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is no response here to ordinary daylight and a retarded, sluggish

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of both the pulmonary and aortic portions of the second sounds,

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truss was invented and first brought into vise, that from the year 1800 to

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severe. External opening may be far away from the anus, there may be several

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Is demanded; and I need hardly remark that all Europeans, or Christ-

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and four ounces. The first case died during the operation from shock, the

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in oedema and necrotic softening of the tissues without suppuration.

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mentioned are very destructive to the mucous membrane of the

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