A New Infusion Apparatus. — This instrument, devised by me for

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ham of the glory of having laid the foundation stone of scientific

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sequence thereof, haemorrhage sometimes occurs from their

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The homoeopathist, again, cultivates, no less assiduously than

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aspirated, and secured a pint of foul, greenish pus, with urinous

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Finally, the above view is snpported by cases in whicb the fibrinons exuda-

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it was absent altogether. In both cases there was a total loss of

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noxide), is formed by burning potassium in dry air. It is a white

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Bonney stated that nearly all authorities agreed that

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oftentimes to its fullest extent without danger. As

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it assumes the aspect and form of that of the adult. It is at

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space, parallel to the ribs, down to the intercostal muscles or pleura,

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1. TJie objective, or series of Achromatic Lenses, is that part of the

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ity in 30, but II of these suffered from slight limp,

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in some instances incorporated in a rigid contract, which is

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pliysicnl qunliHcationR of the candidates for admission to the

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gent lotions, and then dressed with adhesive or Liston's plaster,

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in the two groups rests mainly on its nerve supply, and if this be accepted

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strated that an infusion of the small intestine in 250 grammes

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tral temperature ()f tlie body remains nearly unchan<j;ed,

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sume that there is no obstruction of the nasal pass-

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Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery, which post he held

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may be conveyed to man by eating of food so affected.

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be obstructed— causes external or internal to the waU of the

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gradually add a pint of water, and afterwards the ginger and

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Patients Suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Condition of Blood 139

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others are partly or completely rearranged, some are markedly hyper-

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cally, that it is questionable whether this lesion does not

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Ureteritis maybe secondary to a metro-cellulitis following

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of degraded vitality, may differ from those of a healthy mole-

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deavour by internal remedies, to hurry the process. If arti-

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of the sternum. This is another circumstance strongly corrobor-

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its effect on the heart and circulation. The latter is impeded,

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sporadic disease is what is now denominated " sceptic

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fixed by the by-law previously cited. But it must be mani-

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action in the nerve-centers. This is not to be won-

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Bedford, Ind., where a very fatal epidemic of diphtheria was scourging

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grouping, etc., a result which will dispel the idea of uniformity in these

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cent, of the women had the "corset " liver, and often gall-stones

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tive anatomy and analogy of the prostate. He classifies hy-

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getting bacteria on the bowels or into the wound. Sterilize the hanil>