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Accepted for advertising in the Journal of the A.M.A.

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L. Jack will show " Two Cases of Removal of tbe^Stapes " ; Dr.

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yet I am certain that the naso-pharynx contains a quantity of adenoid

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' not coming as fast as we would like, but it is coming.

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the various ^'alkaloidal" drugs. Each drug is treated of in a very concise

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and their branches, so far as dissection can reach in ordinary cases.

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2. Iniercurrent acute nephritis in the course of chronic nephritis. This

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trembling became constant, and he had to leave off working.

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1 As is well known, every fiber of the posterior root immediately upon entering

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shot wounds, and operations, as Erysipelas, Hospital Gangrene and Pyasmia, will receive

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ling of the case as ''merely begun" ; any form of treatment in which the

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