be submitted to the radical operation, and this not only in con-

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systolic. 7.8 per cent of the series showed this condition. This

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paralysis following, and since then the pain was more severe

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public morals step in. It is manifestly impracticable for tlie

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eyes, they would see that sound physiology and pathology

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Dr. Prudden said that the tumor from the breast was

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cated at King's College, where he attained considerable distinc-

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10 AsHHURST, Observations in Cliuical Surgery. [July

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currence, and their correction at this time are dwelt upon,

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catarrhal fluid is explained by the fact that the columnar and

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scribed. In a few days he presented himself again, nothing

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could be isolated, but formidable difficulties presented in other

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inoculation of the virus on tlie brain of one or two other dogs would

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seemed that this had been done with great success and without

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shewing, would be productive of sloughing of the contents of

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the neighbourhood of vessels. Degeneration of the cells of the basal

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of the fly, for it may be that through knowledge of this the

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the conclusion is justifiable that the results of the blood

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1. Of having been engaged, during a period of not less than three

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for syphilis until after enlarged tonsils had been removed. I think it

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CME credit available. For more information, call 1 (800)

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catheterization laboratory, open heart surgery team, etc.

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Perpetuation of reflex convulsions. A third group occupies a curiously

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which, after an excellent short history of the involuntary

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arteries to the remotest parts of the body." So far as it

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in the same light that they are in Germany, and the

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h.ive all the digestive ferments These are preserved in solution with C P. i.lycerine in a manner retaining

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instead of being dry, may be moist or somewhat greasy or

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to note the influence of this increased ingestion of fluid on the urinary concentra-

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pointed toothpick and dress with an antiseptic dressin^r of

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tinuation of the drug and similar to those seen with barbiturates,

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very tedious and discouragina-. but if care has been taken