there is nausea, and rectal injection of warm saline solution,

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overspread her face, and in an instant the cataleptic insensibility was

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known and distinguished by the following symptoms: Pyrexia,

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pected. The Maybrick case was the first to reveal the untrustworthiness of doc-

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and to my mind it is going to change things very materially : it is going to affect people that

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Treatment. — The occasional passage of a bougie with

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Of the serous inflammations occurring in scarlet fever, pericarditis has

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thalmic. 11 a.m.; South London Ophthalmic, 2 p.m.; Royal West-

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ment with serum obtained from presumably reliable sources, but often

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profession is chiefly indebted to Prof. Voltolini, of

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subsequent yielding of a spot of fibroid tissue amongst the

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y inform his friends and the public, that he has taken

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Alexandria much the same medical organization obtained

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and the like. It is developed during those portions of

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of these chemical processes result, not in chemical unions,

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is only in the works of Looniis, Bartholow, and of Van

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is known to be sensitive, secretory, motory, vasomotory, vasodila-

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stage of disease, any of these operations should be performed ; the

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gery involves the same principles which they have been accustomed to

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point of view, it would at once appear that it assists in preventing con-

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Bay receive the sewage of about 300,000 inhabitants, living in Providence,

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wall, until the occiput has been well forced down by the

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currence of the little episode referred to, while our little

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hospitals. The deaths during the year numbered 18,646,

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A child, miserably delicate, and aged about six years, was brought to hospital in the

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uniquely eliminated by the Clinitest procedure. Routine test interpretation

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depressions are formed, and these hollow tubes represent the

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three races were grown in Erlcnmcyer flasks at 37° C.

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effect 5 in others, the size of the tumors resisted

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pendent on some factor inherent in the patient, and

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and parts of the body above the umbilicus with pseudo-hypertrophy of

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of society might wish, prostitution would go on. Mr.

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series of changes are not destructive, but formative and reparative.

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the occasion of Prof. Huxley's first lectures in New York on the subject

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nected together by veins, and apparently growing either in

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ascribed to the absorption of proteoses. In employing products in

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is the effect and not the cause of tetanic irritation, is also a very frequent result of

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sire to emphasize the injuriousness of city dust and to

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pauciarticular, polyarticular or systemic. The clinical

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may be soft, is nearly alwaj'S impregnated with decayed vegetable mat-

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upon such a theory as that which Eindfleisch propoimds under the name of